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In 2008, Clément Saad (President & CEO of Pradeo) presents his PhD in Computer Science at the French Ministry of Defense. Facing the booming of mobility, he took a visionary look at the mobile security area and impacts of the advent of the “Apps model”. He was already convinced that the historical security approach, as offered via antivirus solutions, was dated and obsolete. He envisioned new perspectives for mobile security.

After 2 years of project maturation, Clément Saad, Vivien Raoul (CTO) and Stéphane Saad (CSO) initiated an entrepreneurial approach creating Pradeo in October 2010.

In 2013, after several years of Research & Development to perfect the technology and its adequacy to market needs, Pradeo launches the first version of its solutions.

In 2014, the first major signatures are concluded and Pradeo is recognized as an international player.

Today, Pradeo has a worldwide presence with subsidiaries in US and the UK and relying on a partner channel covering more than 40 countries.

The three co-founders of Pradeo.
From left to right : Vivien Raoul (CTO), Clément Saad (President & CEO), Stéphane Saad (CSO).


  • Clement SAAD
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Clement Saad has a PhD in Computer Science. During his studies, he conducted research for the French Ministry of Defense. He very early understood the threats that the mobile application model would represent for corporate and personal data pricacy. Clement was elected Businessperson of the year in 2014 by Ernst & Young and was recognized as one of the best entrepreneurs of its generation.

  • Vivien RAOUL
    Chief Technology Officer
    After graduating in Network and Security, Vivien Raoul collaborated with Clement Saad on a number of internationally rewarded projects. As both of them realized they shared the same vision of how IT Security needed to change facing technological evolutions, they founded Pradeo with Stephane. Vivien has conducted the development of Pradeo Security behavioral engine.

  • Stephane SAAD
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Stephane Saad graduated in management and international trade. He initiated Pradeo’s business development by building its distribution channel from 2010 and secured major commercial agreements with market key players. Since then, he has concluded strategic partnerships with global mobile players such as Samsung, VMware, IBM, MobileIron, Microsoft, BlackBerry...

  • Renaud GRUCHET
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Renaud Gruchet has more than 30 years of experience in New Information and Communication Technologies consulting. In 2009, he became a Member of the Executive Board of the consulting division of Sopra Steria Group. Renaud joined Pradeo in January 2013 and is behind the signature of major companies.

  • Caroline BORRIELLO
    Chief Operating Officer
    Caroline Borriello was part of the Administration and Finance Division of Credit Agricole bank for 4 years. She then added an international touch to her experience by working for Arkadin services, ensuring operations effectiveness, setting up quality strategy and owning global structuring programs. Caroline joined Pradeo in 2016.

  • Robert BARJOU
    Chief Financial Officer
    Robert Barjou has a 15-year experience as financial manager in IT companies : Rosebud technologies and ANTEOR. He had the chance to work with worldwide software companies such as INFOR, SAP and Microsoft. Robert joined Pradeo in 2015.

  • Roxane SUAU
    VP Marketing
    After graduating in sales, management and marketing, Roxane developed and ran the marketing department of e-commerce company Groupon in French-Canada for 3 years. She now puts her expertise at the service of Pradeo, by managing the company’s marketing activities, strategic positioning and visibility.

  • Benjamin HUC
    VP Product Architecture & Development
    R&D engineer and mobile solutions expert, Benjamin monitors all Pradeo’s web and mobile developments. He works on the architecture of communications and protocols of the solutions in close cooperation with the CTO, to deal with the challenges of our increasingly connected world.

    SVP – Sales & Business Development
    With nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise mobility, in both hardware and software, Dejan focuses on growing Pradeo’s leadership across various regions. Throughout the several VP Sales roles he held in Europe and in North America prior to joining Pradeo, Dejan gathered valuable knowledge to accompany enterprises facing new challenges of IT security.

  • Anthony FERRAND
    VP Research
    R&D PhD, infosec expert and specialized in reverse engineering, Anthony Ferrand is leading all Pradeo projects related to research. He builds diverse services, like application analysis or artificial intelligence.



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