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Solution summary MobileIron is the purpose-built mobile IT platform for enterprises to secure and manage mobile applications, content, and devices while providing their employees with device choice, privacy, and a native user experience.

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The MobileIron Platform brings together a combination of comprehensive security and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools including Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Content Management (MCM) capabilities. IT administrators can manage the lifecycle of the device and its applications, from registration to retirement, and rapidly accelerate and scale their mobile management infrastructure.

MobileIron offers the following enterprise mobility management tools:

MobileIron Core
  • Mobile management software engine that enables IT to set policies for mobile devices, applications and content. This enables Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, and Mobile Content Management capabilities.
  • Integrates with backend enterprise IT platforms, and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

MobileIron Sentry
  • In-line intelligent gateway that manages, encrypts, and secures the traffic between the mobile device and back-end enterprise systems.
  • Blocks access to corporate resources if a device falls out of compliance or is not authorized.

MobileIron Access
  • Security capability that allows IT to prevent users from accessing enterprise cloud services on unsecured devices or through unauthorized apps or browsers.

MobileIron Client
  • Mobile management software installed on end user mobile devices to enforce configuration and security policies set by the IT department.

Key features and benefits Secure corporate data, drive employee productivity, and enable business innovation in ways you never thought possible. Harness the power of mobile devices with the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform from MobileIron. By providing a modern EMM solution that meets both user demands and IT security requirements, MobileIron enables today’s large enterprises to become truly Mobile First.

Secure Any Device

  • Configure and apply consistent data security policies across iOS, Android, and Windows devices with Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities.

Secure Email
  • Provide secure access to business email, calendars, and contacts while preserving the native mobile user experience.

Secure Apps
  • Protect business data at rest and in motion with industry leading mobile application management (MAM) capabilities.

Secure Mobile Content
  • Mobile content management (MCM) capabilities allow secure, instant access to content repositories on mobile devices.

Secure BYOD
  • Maintain user privacy while applying corporate policies and preserving control over business data on personal devices.

Secure Mobile Fleets
  • Manage mobile kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, and shared devices at scale while applying consistent security policies and configurations.

Supported devices

  • Smartphone (Smartphone (Android, iOS, and Windows 10)
  • Tablet (Smartphone (Android, iOS, and Windows 10)
  • Other
  • Geographic presence Global.

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