Solutions adapted to your field

Banking & Finance

Your financial apps need to comply with PSD2, PCI, DORA, … and assure users their data is in good hands. To prevent cloning, tackle fraud, and keep your intellectual property safe, secure your financial applications with Pradeo’s application suite.


Agents, customer service teams, and the insured customers themselves, are using applications to interact with their accounts and transfer claims data. Using mobile devices greatly improves customer service but also gives hackers and malware more entry points. Secure your colleagues phones with a Mobile Threat Defense Solution and use Pradeo’s application suite to secure owned applications.

Government & Public administration

Government organizations are top targets of cyberattacks. As a government institution, you have access to highly sensitive data. A cyberattack could even disrupt critical infrastructure. Pradeo’s solutions reduce the risk of damaging cyberattacks for both federal and local governments.


Keeping the forces safe while giving them access to their mobile phones can be a difficult balancing act. It doesn’t have to be. Pradeo’s Mobile Threat Defense solution protects the user’s sensitive data such as their location. The French armed forces have been using Pradeo’s Secure Private Store to fit their BYOD needs.


Because of the vital role energy plays in our daily lives, companies in the energy sector are unfortunately at high risk of cyber attacks. From cloning and fraud to data breaches, the need to secure operators, market participants and consumers is high. Contact Pradeo’s energy sector experts to find the right solution for your needs.


Protect your patient’s data, hospital and employee devices and meet healthcare regulations. Because of the sensitive data and high impact when a healthcare facility is unable to function, the healthcare sector is a big target for ransomware. To protect your healthcare facility, use one of Pradeo’s mobile security solutions such as our Secure Private Store or one of the solutions from the application suite.

Medical apps

Medical data is highly sensitive and therefore a prime target for malicious practices. To protect user data, boost application adoption rates, comply with regulations, etc, use a Pradeo application suite solution. Shield third party applications or use a Runtime Application Self-Protection software.


In the pharmaceutical industry, a strong mobile cybersecurity posture is a requirement for survival against cyberattacks, industrial espionage and the severe losses and damages they can cause. A cybersecurity focus is necessary to prevent theft of sensitive patient data, drug development R&D, high value IP, operations and legal information.