Securing BYOD

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device

In today’s ever-changing business environment, incorporating personal smartphones into corporate settings via Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies is both a strategic need and a cybersecurity challenge. Organizations aim to leverage the flexibility and productivity benefits that come with employees using their own devices. This situation puts IT security teams in a tricky position. They must manage BYOD devices to keep them secure, while also steering clear of unmanaged devices that could pose risks to the security of vital corporate data and services.

Why secure personally owned mobile devices?

man at desk looking at phone taking notes

Mobile devices, which rely on app stores for getting software, add a layer of vulnerability that organizations need to tackle to prevent potential security breaches.

These devices often ask for access to different features and data, creating a risk of unintended data exposure when users grant permissions without fully understanding the possible consequences.

The tendency of mobile devices to connect to public Wi-Fi networks increases the risk of data interception and unauthorized access, presenting a significant security concern for organizations.

Furthermore, the blending of personal and work-related activities on mobile devices brings an extra challenge. Users might unintentionally develop poor security habits, like clicking on phishing links or downloading apps that could infect the device, putting the professional data stored on these phones at risk.

Protection against leak and malware

To address these challenges, we have developed a Secure Private Store, a unique solution that allows organizations to securely distribute a variety of secure mobile applications and services to their collaborators. These services include both public and private apps, as well as documents, empowering users to leverage these tools freely, contingent upon maintaining a secure device devoid of potential threats.  This approach eliminates the need to intricately manage devices, simplifying the process while ensuring the security of business data. The Secure Private Store not only fortifies the organization against potential security risks but also respects employees’ privacy, striking an essential balance between security and individual needs.