Mobile Threat Defense

A solution for enterprises that alleviates CISOs, workplace managers and IT teams’ workload. It quietly protects Android and iOS devices to prevent data theft and leakage, so all you have to care about is your users.

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Pradeo recognized “Strong Performer” in Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customers for Mobile Threat Defense 2023
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What is a Mobile Threat Defense (or MTD) solution?

Mobile Threat Defense solutions are designed to detect and protect mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or chromebooks against cyber risks.

Be simply mobile

In a mobile world, where corporate data is constantly in transit between mobile devices, applications, connected objects, etc., finding a balance between mobility and security is challenging. Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense reinforces your efforts to boost employee productivity. 


Automated security to safely unleash mobile usages


An enterprise solution recognized by Gartner, IDC, Forrester for its accuracy


Compliance with regulatory requirements (NIS 1 et 2, RGPD…)

Automated mobile Endpoint Detection and Response

Thanks to its next-generation engine based on Artificial Intelligence, Pradeo has the most accurate mobile threat detection technology on the market. Over the years, Pradeo’s research center (Pradeo Intelligence Center) has collected billions of mobile security data, implemented thousands of detection rules and identified millions of severe mobile threats and billions of data-leaking behaviors. 

Mobile security directly in your MDM

Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense is designed to provide easy management and easy reporting. It can be used as a stand-alone tool or synchronized with key UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions. Then, CISOs and workplace manager simply manage mobility and security all together. The first level of integration is a one-click process that enables application vetting. The second level ensures 360° protection of devices.

Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense

Discover the key benefits of Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense solution.

Full coverage

In a recent study, the Pradeo Intelligence Center found that 77% of mobile threats originate from apps, 14% from the device and 9% from the network. To fully guarantee mobile device security, Pradeo’s fleet protection solution secures all these entry points.

Real-time detection

WiFi connections, app downloads, OS updates… the status of smartphones and tablets is constantly changing throughout the day. The real-time analysis performed by the Pradeo Security agent on each device ensures effective protection of the entire mobile fleet.

Privacy focussed

The Pradeo Security app works on-device, private data is never sent to the cloud. This reduces the risks associated with cloud-based solutions. The device is always protected, even when not connected to a network.


Administrators have access to the Pradeo security platform where they can create dashboards, monitor their user fleet and keep an overview of the risks and threats averted. The platform also gets you access to our extensive app security reports.


Most of today’s mobile threats have no virus signature. To prevent zero-day attacks, the Pradeo Security engine accurately identifies mobile application behavior and cross-analyzes all data to eliminate false positives.


Every organization has specific security needs, and to be effective, a security solution must fully reflect these needs. Pradeo enables administrators to customize their security policies to precisely protect the data they value most.

Legal compliance​

At a time when data confidentiality is jeopardized by the omnipresence of mobile devices and applications, Pradeo strengthens corporate compliance with privacy regulations and prevents the exfiltration of personal and business data.


Deploying a new tool should never be a burden for a company. Pradeo Security is autonomous, adapts to all environments (Android, iOS, BYOD, COPE, etc.) and integrates with the market’s leading MDM/ UEM solutions. 

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Customer reviews

Pradeo was named “Strong Performer” in Gartner Peer Insights’ latest Voice of the Customers for Mobile Threat Defense.

You fully rely on a BYOD mobile fleet?

Our Secure Private Store solution is made for you.

Pradeo Secure Private Store enables the distribution of corporate services to personal mobile devices, securely and without them having to be managed with a UEM / MDM. With a Secure Private Store, employees have access to a wide range of mobile services (applications, documents, etc.), which they can use freely, as long as their smartphone or tablet is safe.