App security scanning

Mobile Application Compliance Audit

Today, mobile applications are vital to businesses, but are they safe? Pradeo’s Mobile Compliance Audit scans mobile apps and provides a clear view on their security and intrusiveness. This enables organizations to tackle risks before they harm users.

Easily ensure your apps required security level

Currently, 3 out 4 mobile applications are developed with security flaws and 95% of them perform behaviors they weren’t expected to. Pradeo’s Compliance Audit reveals these flaws in any mobile app only requiring access to their publicly available binary code. Scanning your app is a fast and easy way to vet company-owned and frequently used applications.


Check if you meet legal requirements and standards (GDPR, NIS2, DORA…)


Detect vulnerabilities and unexpected behaviors in applications and their libraries.


Audit applications in a few clicks on our online platform or by calling our API

Get rich insights over:

Mobile application scanning in no time

Vet your own or third-party applications

Online platform (SaaS)

Designed for CISOs, product owners and DPOs. Perfect for checking the security of public applications that are used companywide or simply vet the compliance of owned applications. We offer plans from one single application scan to unlimited access to our global mobile application security reports database. 

Into developers’ interface (API)

Our Mobile Application Compliance Audit API integrates within developers’ environment to streamline DevSecOps. Conceived for organizations that develop mobile apps in-house, it boosts CI/CD performances and does not impact the time-to-market.

Customer reviews

The excellent reviews received from our customers emphasize the efficiency and practicality of our Mobile Application Compliance Audit (formerly known as Mobile Application Security Testing).

Need to vet your Android and iOS applications?

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Mobile application audit Q&A

A mobile application security audit is a test of a mobile app’s security measures. The primary goal is to identify if an app is secure and thus compliant with company policy, regulations and laws. The secondary purpose is to detect security threats that could lead to data breaches. A security audit is mostly used for a business own apps but with the right tool, it can also be done for public apps.

There are several reasons why an organization chooses to perform a security audit, here are the most important ones:

    • To identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the apps code. By doing this, organizations can prioritize their efforts to mitigate the most critical risks.
    • To help ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and internal policies.
    • To protect sensitive corporate data from leaking. Also when using third-party and public apps.


Most mobile application audits are done by hand and take a couple of days to complete. Because of the manual labor, they also tend to be costly. However, artificial intelligence can be used to perform these manual tasks automatically. Giving you a detailed report in a matter of minutes. Pradeo’s mobile application audit goes a step further and doesn’t need the applications source code in order to detect vulnerabilities. It uses the final, binary code and reverse engineers the apps behavior. This makes it also possible to audit apps that weren’t developed by your business.