Secure mobile applications


Prevent your mobile applications from being hacked. Application shielding is also known as hardening. It makes the code of an application extremely complex to understand, decipher and penetrate.

Secure applications’ code

An unprotected mobile application can be easily reverse engineered. By doing so, attackers can find vulnerabilities to hack it and steal the confidential data it uses, steal its intellectual property, or they may clone the application and spread a counterfeit version of it to commit fraud. Our application shielding tool prevents all three risks.


Secure the code in a few minutes, where it’d take months manually


Meet legal requirements and standards (NIS2, DORA, PCI MPoC, EMV mobile…


Put a brake on fraud originating from mobile applications’ tampering

A protection against targeted and large scale attacks

Pradeo’s Shielding solution hardens your mobile application’s binary file, to prevent it from being tampered with.


Encryption / Reinforcement

Realtime checks

Simple, fast and easy to use

By utilizing Pradeo’s mobile application shielding, you secure your applications while streamlining your development cycles and expedite the time-to-market. The process we offer ensures quick delivery, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors and reach your target audience faster. 

Security as you go, with our application security toolkit

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