Secure applications source code

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Prevent your applications from being successfully attacked. Smoothly integrate source code analysis into your software development cycle. Continuously analyze, detect and fix code vulnerabilities.

Application security test / app security test

Get rid of code vulnerabilities with SAST

Last year, 98 % of organizations reported attacks targeting their web and mobile applications, according to a study conducted by Radware. Identifying and remediating application vulnerabilities is an essential part of cybersecurity. With Pradeo, deploying Static Application Security Testing (SAST) into DevOps is seamless, intuitive and seen as a must-have by developers to reach security and privacy by design. 


A tool to secure applications source code as an integral part of DevOps


Shorten the time to remediate vulnerabilities with advanced automated support


Designed to support all types of users, from the newcomer to the most experienced

Secure coding made quick and easy

A security library to monitor threats lurking on your applications and thwart attacks.

Automated analysis

Accelerate applications source code analysis and access a comprehensive view of the full application's code.

Advanced detection

Detection and classification of vulnerabilities according to OWASP TOP 10, SANS TOP 25, CVSS scoring…

Smart prioritization

Get contextual intelligence to prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities in an action plan that is shared between users.


Locate the causes of vulnerabilities with mechanisms to efficiently explore the code and easily find the sources of symptoms.

Contextual remediation

Capitalize on best practices already implemented in the code with the display of similar commands correctly programmed.

Tool customization

Customize the tool by informing it of your most sensitive data, the security repositories that are part of your activity field…

Use SAST to secure your web and mobile application code now

Pradeos Static Application Security Testing solution is

Compatible with your languages and tools

Protect all your applications with the same tool designed for your language, IDE and CI/CD platform.

Security as you go, with our application security toolkit