Secure Private App Store

Get a company-branded private app store to secure your enterprise applications and documents used on personally owned or external smartphones and tablets. With no need to manage devices, you simply ensure business data security.

Control BYOD risks

As an organization, you may want to share applications, files and web links with collaborators, partners and clients. Some of these people will access these resources on personally owned or external mobile devices you don’t directly control. Although, personal mobile users are at greater risks of attacks and fraud because of more diverse and less secure usages. The Secure Private App Store helps you secure your information system and data from mobile threats without having to manage every phone.


Smoothen the distribution of services to devices that aren’t company owned


Ensure corporate data protection from malware, leaky applications, network eavesdropping…


A tool that respect users’ privacy and does not impact personal usages

Safely benefit from the advantages of mobility

Leverage a Secure Private App Store that automatically handles mobile threat detection and response.

360° detection

Automatic protection

Guided remediation

Adopted by French Armed Forces

The French Armed Forces use a Secure Private App Store powered by Pradeo, and called Milistore. Since 2018, this tool has given thousands of field soldiers and officers access to military information and applications from their personal smartphones, safely. A secure private app store unleashes mobility without compromising on security, essential for the workings of an army.

“We didn’t want to manage personal devices but couldn’t compromise over the level of protection”

Smooth end-user experience

Security or user experience does not need to be a choice. Pradeo’s secure private app store keep company data secure without impacting personal mobile usage.

Easily obtainable

Used by doctors, patients, laboratory technicians…

Respectful of privacy

No interaction with users’ data and compliant with data privacy regulations

Optimized performance

Optimized performance for a minimal footprint and negligeable battery impact

Perceived as useful

An added-value tool that provides information over mobile devices global safety

Easy digitalization of corporate services

2-in1 solution

Combine mobility and security in one solution

Easy setup

A turnkey solution that needs no development and is fully scalable

BYOD compatible

No device management required for protecting corporate resources

Online administration

Manage content security settings in our SaaS platform

For Android and iOS devices

Your collaborators can all Bring their Own Device.

A Secure Private App Store that automatically handles mobile threat detection and response.
Our Secure Private App Store stands out by being available for both Android and iOS. Android users can download your personalised app store via Google Play.  While Apple users get the same experience by using Apple’s App Store. This dual compatibility allows organizations to streamline their app distribution processes efficiently, regardless of the devices their users prefer.