Secure mobile applications

Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

Prevent your mobile applications from being attacked while running on end-user smartphones. Our Runtime Application Self Protection is a library that empowers mobile applications with a set of detection and response features and leverages their cyber resilience.

Secure applications day-to-day

Once installed and running on end-users’ smartphones and tablets, mobile applications are exposed to attacks coming from other applications (malware, spyware), from the network (Man-in-the- middle…), and that exploit system vulnerabilities. Our Runtime Application Self Protection detects threats coming from all these vectors so your application can efficiently thwart them.


Advanced threat detection and response delivered into your application


Meet legal requirements and standards (NIS2, DORA, PCI MPoC, EMV mobile…

User Friendly

No data collection and minimal permissions requested

Detection and response right in your mobile applications

A security library to monitor threats lurking on your applications and thwart attacks.

Real-time monitoring

Security checks silently performed in the background with a neglectable impact on battery consumption.

360° security coverage

Detection of threats exploiting all possible vectors on a mobile device: applications, networks and the system.

Security event flows

Get security telemetry from all devices running your mobile applications and adjust your strategy accordingly.

On-device threat responses

Leverage built-in threat responses and set up customized ones to block threats in real-time.

Easy to embed

Our RASP for mobile is conceived to be easily integrated within applications in a couple of hours.

Android and iOS

A tool adapted to your business needs with versions for both Android (SDK) and iOS (Framework).

Mobile RASP for sensitive applications

Today, all organizations rely on mobile applications to add flexibility and agility to their activities. In sensitive sectors, securing those applications is required by law and strongly advised to always ensure service continuity and prevent the theft of critical data.

Medical apps

Used by doctors, patients, laboratory technicians…

Banking apps

Installed on millions of banks and insurances companies’ clients mobile devices

Public apps

Offered by governments to make public services easy and more accessible

Leisure apps

Used by millions to play money games, gamble, shop online…

360° mobile threat detection

Our RASP prevents users from conducting high-risk transactions on untrusted devices and applications. It detects:

Comply with regulations and get certifications

Meet industry standards (NIS2…), legal requirements (DORA…) and obtain certifications (PCI MPoC, EMV mobile…)